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    Medical 3-D Printing
    (2019) Wisniewski, Kirsten; submitted by Shelli Weddum
    Conclusion: The radiology department has the opportunity of improving prosthetic implants, surgeries, and medical education by combining diagnostic images with 3-dimensional printing technology. Implants will be cheaper and more attainable. They are more likely to fit the patient and less likely to be rejected. Patients are more likely to be satisfied because of the advancements 3-dimensional printing has to bring to prosthetics. Surgeries will not take as long, risk is prevented, and radiation dose is minimal. Education is progressing and will help patients, students, and healthcare providers.
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    Neuroimaging the Psychologically Distrubed Brain
    (2019) Schuett, Krystina; Submitted by Shelli Weddum
    In closing, neuroimaging of the psychologically disturbed brain can present abnormalities structurally or functionally when mental illness such as PTSD, bipolar disorder or MDD has been suspected. Additionally, not all psychiatric disorders are treated the same, but by imaging the patient, physicians can diagnose and treat the patient properly. More research needs to be done on how to make studies of mental illness better, but neuroimaging has come a long way, and there is no telling where future research will take us.