Primary Care Providers' Knowledge of Cancer Survivorship Care Plans

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As treatment for cancer improves, the number of cancer survivors continues to grow. Cancer survivors are at an increased risk of cancer reoccurrence, mortality, and decreased quality of life. Primary care providers can help provide survivorship care and education to cancer survivors by using a survivorship care plan created by the patient’s oncology team. The purpose of this study was to determine if primary care providers perceive an increase in their knowledge of providing survivorship care when they receive a survivorship care plan for their patient. The research was conducted by using a quantitative descriptive research design with non-probability, convenience sampling. The survey included a 10-question Likert scale with two open-ended questions and was sent to the Internal Medicine providers at Nebraska Medicine. The survey asked questions to determine if providers perceived an increase in their knowledge in providing survivorship care when using a survivorship care plan. The primary care providers who participated agreed that the survivorship care plan increased their knowledge of survivorship care, increased their knowledge of surveillance testing needed for their patients, and increased their knowledge of what cancer treatment their patient received. It was recommended that further research be conducted to include a larger sample size and to include family medicine providers.
survivorship care plan, cancer survivor, primary care provider, knowledge, cancer survivor care