The Perceptions of Implementing a Narcan Take Home Kit

Mackrill, Jenny
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Prescription opioid use is a recommended treatment for different types of pain (Dowell, Haegerich, & Chou, 2016). The risk of potential overdose is increased in patients prescribed opioids when several factors are present; chronic opioid therapy, males, older age, taking multiple prescriptions especially benzodiazepines, mental health disorders, lower socioeconomical status, when prescribed dose is 100 mg of morphine equivalents or greater per day, history of illicit opioid use, previous opioid overdose, and alcohol use (WHO, 2014; Ray & Lukens, 2017). The purpose of this project was to pilot implement a Narcan Take-Home Kit Program and identify the obstacles, perceptions, and barriers of the providers prior to implementation of the program. A questionnaire consisting of thirteen questions, consisting of a Likert scale, was distributed to the providers of a pain clinic. The outcome of the project was favorable. Providers agreed that Narcan can be safely administered by a lay person and did not feel legally responsible for the use. The project response was small; future studies are needed to identify obstacles, perceptions, and barriers of the implementation of a Narcan Take Home Kit.
Narcan access, prescribing Narcan, providers perceptions of Narcan administration, Narcan take home kit